United Studios of Self Defense teaches Shaolin Kenpo, a mixture of Karate, Kung Fu, and JuJitsu, as well as elements taken from other forms.

It is easily understood, and beginners will learn effective self defense they can execute from the start of their training.

The United Studios of Self Defense system is especially effective for in-close self defense,
which is a very common real life situation.


Why choose United Studios of Self Defense?

We have been helping people learn martial arts since 1968. We are affiliated with and endorsed by the Shaolin Temple in China. Our instructors train with the Shaolin Monks, who dedicate their entire lives to martial arts training. We are the largest martial arts franchise in North America with over 180 schools nationwide.

Kempo is versatile and can be tailored to the individual, of any fitness level. Private training is supported by by group classes, which means students learn faster and stay longer.

Our entire curriculum is summarized in our student manual, to help students review and maintain learned skills. This curriculum is taught consistently at every Untied Studios of Self Defense. You will never lose your investment of time and effort because the studio goes out of business or the Instructor moves away.

The entire company has been internally grown, and we are a product of what we represent.

You will realize your full potential, because you are special to us.

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Martial Art Training including

Weekly Private Lessons
Unlimited Group Classes
Uniform and Belt
School Patches
Instructional Manual

*Offer honored if mentioned
until 08/31/2014
**valid for new students only.